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“I imagine what design might look like if designers were still called projectors, as they were in the eighteenth century when the term was commonly used to describe inventors, architects and city planners. Mapping concepts of projection borrowed from literature, psychology, physics and cartography onto design offers a new and intriguing way to think about the discipline.”

My name is Bret Hansen and I am Now Projector. The name encapsulates my philosophy and provides a conceptual frame for a rich creative process. The ‘now’ keeps me rooted firmly in the present moment where the action (always) is. The word projector, with its sci-fi ring is a hopeful nod to the future. It suggests an unknown trajectory (think projectile), fuels an exploratory mindset and ensures my work is hyper-contemporary. But the term is also a bridge to the past. Before there were movie projectors, there were human projectors* — entrepreneurs who planned and launched design-based projects.

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